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NEVER Starve Yourself Afterwards! 
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  • KNOW what to do so you are in a continual state of progress
  • NEVER feel guilty about what you've eaten again
  • FIND renewed energy, focus and self-control
  • GET the support you need to be a WARRIOR PRINCESS, totally in control, confident, strong and the QUEEN of her life and everything in it!
Here's what a few godesses have to say about working with me... 
My situation before I started work with Colette was one of slight desperation to get back in shape, and pure intrigue in the food and recipes that I saw she was generating – they looked delicious and healthy! 

I knew she could advise me on how to cook, and how best to make life-long changes to my diet to help keep me feeling fit and healthy.

The whole process from my initial inquiry to the final weigh and measure was personal, transparently clear, supportive and informative. 

The one best result I got from working with Colette is “knowledge”. I know more about my body and how best to nourish it than ever before.

- Jodie
I was struggling to motivate myself after a recent accident and I needed that extra push to get moving again. 

My main concern was that not being used to being injured I would not have the mindset to continue the course and would not commit 100%. 

I knew working with Colette would be inspiring, motivating and challenging with a heavy dose of encouragement thrown in.

Yes I have wanted to give up and yes she has inspired me to keep going all be it we have changed from the original plan.

The best result I have so far is the feeling that the extra work I am doing with Colette is making that difference to my recovery despite the setback. 

I know that when I am feeling down about being at square one again, Colette will make sure I am aware of the benefits of keeping on going and will give me a motivational chat that picks me up and gets me going again.

_ Pieranna
The program was surprisingly easy! 
The principles are really simple and have really helped me get back to basics with my diet. 

Colette provides loads of yummy recipes to try which aren't time consuming, and I actually ate more than normal.
 I am lucky because I actually enjoy going to the gym, so for me the workouts were more about changing what I was doing, with focus rather than spending more time working out. 

After 3 months I hit my target! It is great when people you hardly know comment on how fit and well you are looking! 

As a full time working mum with a toddler I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit in the extra time needed to succeed - but the program didn't need me to do anything more, just different. 

Adapting meals to fit in with the nutrition plan was easy and it is really flexible once you understand the principles, plus the results are a great reason to motivate you to go for the extra gym or run session when the couch is calling.

There were two key things I learned

1) On the exercise side, I was already going to the gym 3+ times a week but wasn't seeing results. The key for me was doing the right mix of training not just more of the same. 

2) It also really brought home how much nutrition matters. 

After the program I eat more calories and foods I would have avoided, but have more energy and am leaner as a result.

Before I started working with Colette I had started to let myself go and didn’t know how to get myself back on track, I wasn’t happy with how I was looking or feeling. 

Colette is so full of positivity, energy and good advice saying” no” or “I can’t” is really not an option!  

Her program wasn’t easy and it isn’t a cheap or quick fix, but her approach definitely worked for me. 

She provided me with the motivation and a structured program of eating and exercise which over time developed into new habits for me.

These habits have now become a lifestyle choice which I will continue from now on.  

Losing 3 stone, dropping dress sizes etc are all great but what the best result and the most surprising was the impact her approach has had on my wellbeing. 

I just can’t believe how much lighter I feel on the inside as well as the outside. My approach to life is so much healthier. 

I am so much stronger, happier and more confident in all aspects of my life.

- Caroline
Having previously worked with Colette I knew I had to be fully committed to the program in order to ensure I got the best results I could. I had to manage my schedule to make time for myself. 

Although initially it was hard to see where I would find the time it became very achievable due to my drive to get back on track! 

It was hard admitting to myself that I needed the help to get back on track. I was upset at myself for losing control in the first instance when I was doing so well physically and expected to be at a much better place than I was. 

There were actually a couple of things that I learnt 
1) Setting goals REALLY helps to drive motivation – setting milestones helps to keep you motivated and also makes you strive to be even better as well as hold you accountable if you don’t reach them! 2) The balance of macronutrients I need to be eating at each mealtime to keep my body happy! 

The main principle I will continue to follow going forward is Good Mental Health = Good Physical Health. Being positive, having a can-do attitude and making time for yourself mentally has a huge impact on your physical well-being. 

Working with Colette is always a great experience! She understands the need to keep programs simple to fit into peoples daily lives. She is very committed and supportive in helping you achieve results. Having her on my side made the whole process of getting back on track easier and I am determined more than ever to continue and strive for even more fat loss! 

- Sheetal
I was very unfit, putting on weight (which was a constant worry) and changing shape, and never did any exercise, had no desire to join a gym, and was too tired at the end of the day to attend any classes.

I have found the process of working with Colette excellent, and never boring, as she changes the exercises constantly. It is also fun, and we have a laugh... mainly at my expense! 
The best result I've got has been excersing on a weekly basis, and keeping it up!! Its also good that you know what I have achieved, so many excersies I was unable to do i.e The Plank and so many more........ 

And gaining a lovely Friend.

- Bev
The process has been perfect for me. i.e. predictable, accessible and confidential….so that I felt " safe" to give it a go. You didn't make me feel stupid for trying!!

The best result has been my ongoing change in body shape and the fact that I did reach all of my goals.

I have dropped two dress sizes and weigh what I did 15 years ago!!

- Rhona
We were looking to re-engage with our fitness, we were tired of just going to the gym, work life balance was all work so we needed something that fitted with our lifestyle.

The process has been fun, challenging, varied, educational, goal driven but personal to us and your enthusiasm each week kept us coming back for more!

The result is a fitness and life regime that is bespoke to our life, our balance and our needs.

- Joanne & Richard
I would regularly join a gym in January, determined to get fit but would have probably stopped going by mid Feb. 

I wasn’t doing any exercise regularly and felt lethargic, out of shape and concerned about potential health problems I was storing up for the future. Intellectually I knew the benefits of exercising but I didn’t have any idea of what to do or how to go about getting fitter. 

I was pretty intimidated by the whole idea of getting fit and the thought of exercising filled me with dread; I had no confidence at all in my ability to do anything physical.

I was worried Colette would be appalled at how unfit I was and my diet. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do what she asked me to do and that she'd tell me (gently!) that there was no point in my training. I thought Colette might not have the patience required to help me start seeing results.

She has introduced exercise into my life by stealth! I was essentially a lazy person who would happily spend a lot of time doing very little.

Somehow (and I really don’t know how) she persuaded me into the habit of exercising with the result that I now choose to do it!

I can remember thinking that exercising 3 times a week was a sensible goal but I couldn’t imagine achieving it…now I’m choosing to exercise 4-5 times a week, every week and I miss it if I don’t do it.

I have been educated not just in the various exercise options that I have and the benefits of each one but I now also have a firm grounding in nutrition – all of which means I have the tools that I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and see results.

My outlook on exercise and diet has changed completely, I’ve had a complete overhaul to my physical and mental attitude – which is permanent.

This has given me the confidence to get out there and try new things and turned around how I see myself.  

- Anne
I’ve achieved so much during my time with Colette and learned so much about me.

I’ve lost weight, got fit, changed my eating habits, love shopping for fitted clothes and bought a full length mirror! 

The best thing is that I feel confident, happy and fulfilled and now know that I really can achieve anything I want to. 

- Sheila
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